Meter Disconnect Services

3metPrecision Pipeline Solutions, LLC (PPS) completed Credit Meter Disconnect Services for Northeast Utilities System in 2009. PPS workers performed gas meter shutoff activities for non-payment on locations previously deemed trouble or inaacessable. A typical Disconnect Service included contacting the customer, accessing and disconnecting the meter (pie-plate and lock) and completing paperwork.

PPS Personnel

At the peak this scope of work employed twenty PPS mechanics. PPS mechanics possess basic mechanical skills with plumbing and gas experience and these individuals are very organized and self motivated. In addition to general leadership skills, PPS Meter Disconnect supervisory personnel are extremely well organized and can effectively zero in on efficiency and logistical issues.

PPS Equipment & Tooling

2metThe basic tool set of a Disconnect Mechanic includes an assortment of pipe wrenches, adjustable wrenches and some other general tooling items. Each mechanic carried a high powered LED flashlight for use in dark basements. Mechanics were provided with cargo-style vans marked with the PPS logo.


Each PPS mechanic was issued nearly twenty work orders daily. Each mechanic organized their work orders in a sensible geographical route to begin the day. Upon arrival, the mechanic made customer contact; gained access to the meter; verified the identification of the meter; performed the work efficiently; reviewed the completed activities and then completed the necessary paperwork prior to mobilizing to the subsequent local.


DSC00287Each mechanic was issued a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, safety vest, hard hat, and safety glasses and these items were inspected by the supervisor daily. Tailboard talks were held in the mornings and afternoons to address topics of concern. During these talks, each mechanic was granted the opportunity to speak openly about their own concerns and experiences. These talks were instrumental in the distribution of useful safety information and promoted a safe working environment.

Quality Control

The Supervision personnel performed Quality Control (QC) activities for the group that included random spot checks, process audits, documentation audits, and verbal knowledge-based assessments. A checklist was used to document the findings of the QC program. This checklist enabled the QC inspector to objectively assess and measure the ability of each mechanic. Each mechanic was also given a document that was to be completed at the end of each meter disconnect. These sheets provided a step-by-step walkthrough of a basic job and included all of the critical steps that must be performed at every location. The mechanic would fill this sheet out as the job progressed and sign off on the fact that the job was completed correctly. These sheets as well as the QC checklists were then randomly audited by our corporate based QA team.