Thermal Spray Services

Lower your operating costs and reduce your maintenance budget by…
Introducing a coating system that can OUTLIVE your current process by multiple lifetimes

  • Are you concerned that corroding equipment might develop into a safety issue?  
  • Do you have corrosion issues in vaults or manholes – regulators, valves, transformers, supports, or other equipment? 
  • Are you confident that your current painting/coating program is protecting those hard to reach points on your equipment (such as spaces between flanges, or behind nuts)?
  • Is atmospheric corrosion inspection and mitigation an ongoing expense in your maintenance budget?   

Stop coating and painting your corroding equipment year after year!
Consider a properly specified and professionally applied protective thermal spray anodic coating system.

In most applications, you can consider it a lifetime coating system.

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For over a century, thermal spray anodic coatings have provided the longest lasting, most cost effective way to protect steel from atmospheric and water immersion corrosion in civil, petrochemical, military, and off shore applications.  Mean time between corrosion inspections has been increased from 3 years to 20 years in many of these applications.

In the thermal spray coating process, an anodic metal (usually aluminum or zinc) is thermally sprayed onto the equipment that is to be coated. The thermally applied coating mitigates corrosion in three ways –

1) by creating a barrier to the environment (eliminating the electrolyte from the corrosion cell),
2) by acting as a sacrificial anode for any nicks or holidays that occur on the coating over time, and
3) by electrically passivating the surface of steel, so that corrosion cells no longer exist.

The process takes the place of paints and epoxies, and has superior longevity to these traditional coating methods. We incorporate the most up-to-date requirements from industry organizations such as NACE, SSPC, AWS, and EFC in all our coating solutions.

Previously, thermal spray anodic coating systems could only be applied during prefabrication, but the thermal spray experts at Precision Pipeline Solutions have developed the tools and procedures to allow for the in-field application of this coating technology at a cost similar to three coat immersion grade paint coatings.

PPS Coating Services also provides lead abatement, coating removal, and traditional coating services.

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