Coating Services

HPIM0258Precision Pipeline Solutions, LLC (PPS) specializes with coating systems in-situ (in-field) to apply the most appropriate coating to extend the useful life of existing assets. Our services extend through assessment and selection, coating removal and abatement, to coating application. We service clients in all environments including but not limited to subsurface manholes, regulator stations, and protected wetland preserve.

Active Service Offering

  • Coating Abatement/Removal
  • Coating Assessment/Repair
  • Lead Abatement
  • Non-evasive CryoGenic coating removal
  • Thermal Spray Aluminum
  • Traditional 3 coat paint systems
  • Epoxy & Mastic
  • Wax Tape, Tapes, Wraps & Other Coatings

Personnel - Regulator Operator Qualified OversightIMG 0435
Our operator qualified personnel are well experienced in coating systems and are also trained in other natural gas related subjects to increase their knowledge base about the mechanisms they are working on including pressure control and leak survey.

A fully qualified pressure control technician is assigned to design the workflow to ensure that sensitive instruments in regulator stations are appropriately protected and maintained throughout the process. Our staff of pressure control technicians can also blow-down, gas-in or switch-over regulation runs to allow for the coating process to be completed.

Equipment & Site Profile100 0457
We have developed several mobilization systems which allow our coating teams to be portable, low profile and efficient.

We have experience working in many different types of site conditions, each requiring a unique setup to get the job done in a discreet and effective manner, including: metropolitan, industrial, residential, subsurface, tunnel, wetland or protected, and transmission right-of-way.

PICT1923Our projects include constraints which require high level containment wherein either the coating is considered hazardous (such as lead-based paint) or the environment is fragile and requires a very high degree of protection to sustain the ecosystem. We create a site-specific containment plan and as necessary employ the use of high-capacity air circulators, dust collectors, and other containment devices to ensure all coating by-products are mitigated from the site.

Our Approach & Coating Typespic v2 1
We approach each coating project with the goal of best serving our customer’s needs, not selling a particular service.

This is why we have experience with a very diverse array of coating products. After reviewing the standards in place at each utility and utilizing our experience and considering the particular site conditions, we recommend an approach with options to best resolve the problem within the client’s budget.

We have found many innovative ways to be the solution to our clients’ coating problems.

One of our innovations has been to successfully develop methods to bring Thermal Spray Aluminum (TSA) coating systems to existing in-field pipelines.

For over a century, TSA has provided the longest lasting, most cost effective way to protect steel from atmospheric and water immersion in the petrochemical, off shore, and military applications.

Thermal Spray Aluminum is an anodic coating process which mitigates corrosion in three ways:

  1. Creating a barrier to the environment
  2. Acting as a sacrificial anode for any holidays
  3. Electrically passivate the surface of the steel

The application cost of TSA coating is similar to a three coat immersion grade paint coating, but can be maintenance free for over 20 years!


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