Leak Repair Services

1leakPrecision Pipeline Solutions, LLC (PPS) offers a turnkey Leak Repair Service to our customers. Activities include: pinpointing, repair, close-out and paperwork completion, including mapping. Our crews are experienced repairing gas leaks on cast iron, bare steel, wrought iron, ductile iron and plastic infrastructure which typically operate at pressures ranging from inches water column (low pressure) up to 125 psig.


All crew personnel are trained on governing standards and are qualified to successfully perform leak repair activities on gas mains and services.

Equipment & Tooling

IMG00056-20110129-0510All crews are equipped with dump trucks, trailers, mini excavators, pickup trucks, and a PPS utility truck. Excavators may include attachments such as rock hammers with quick connect features as situation dictates. The tool set includes E-Z outs, probe bars, brass hammers, air cutters, cast iron rattlers, sand blasters, bar-hole purgers, and valve grease guns, as well as fusing, tapping and stopping equipment for main replacements. Additionally, PPS has the ability to renew existing services utilizing “no-blow” technology.


PPS is given an address of a subsurface odor complaint. A supervisor retrieves all necessary records from the client’s files, calls for site mark out, and then pinpoints the leak to check its classification and narrow the search pattern. A full PPS crew mobilizes to the site. The leak is exposed and repaired by tightening loose fittings; using clamps, encapsulations, anaerobic sealants; or, replacing pipe, services or meter manifolds. The site is backfilled and restored to specification. Gas readings are taken to close the repair. PPS files the paperwork with the client’s files and closes the work order in the electronic system, completing an As-Built diagram complete with triangulations of the repair. PPS communicates with the utility and customer throughout.


IMG00052-20110129-0448Personnel wear PPE and operate according to a Health & Safety Plan which is created by PPS and approved by the client. The site is secured with barriers and signs. On hand is a 20lb fire extinguisher, first aid kit, spill response materials, flame retardant suits and a SCBA. Daily tailboard meetings are held and documented.

Quality Control

A work plan is completed for each repair service to ensure the repair activities adhere to the governing procedures. PPS documents its QC activities including performance audits. PPS aims to close leaks using safe and quality workmanship, while maintaining a trustworthy relationship with its customers.

PPS’s leak repair services are complimented by our ability to provide additional Construction Services.



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