Construction Services

sDCFC0049Precision Pipeline Solutions, LLC (PPS) completes a variety of utility construction services for our clients including replacements, new installations, leak repairs, and horizontal directional drilling. We also complete the higher technical range of construction functions including Regulator and Gate Station Installations, Hot Stop/Tap/Tie-ins, hydro testing, pipeline purging, and open water crossings.

Active Service Offering

PPS Personnel

  • Main/Service Installation
  • Steel/Plastic Pipeline Construction up to 16”
  • Cathodic Protection System Install
  • Live Gas Welding
  • HDD Boring for Main/Service/Casing/Conduit
  • Electric Manhole Rebuild/Reconditioning
  • Leak Pinpointing & Repair
  • Regulator/Gate Station Construction
  • Pipeline Hot Stop/Tap/Tie-in
  • Hydro testing / Nitro Testing
  • Bridge Pipeline Installs
  • Water Crossings

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Our personnel are Operator-Qualified and experienced in gas pipeline installation and repair. Qualified crew members are also trained on electric manhole rebuilds, electric/gas joint trenching and HDD boring.

Crew foreman complete daily logs and logistical tracking information on tablet computers which are uploaded and reviewed by Superintendents to ensure job progress is on pace with project schedules.

The PPS Advantage

sIMG 0058PPS’s construction services were founded in the highly sensitive leak pinpointing and repair activities which require a high degree of technical skill and system understanding.

The PPS Advantage is that our construction services are complimented by our technical expertise in pressure control, coatings, and compliance inspections; we’re not just here for the installation, but the continued regulatory compliance of your infrastructure.

PPS Safety

s100 0780Personnel wear PPE and operate according to a Health & Safety Plan which is created by PPS and approved by the client. On hand is a 20lb fire extinguisher, first aid kit, spill response materials, flame retardant suits and a SCBA.

Crew Foreman complete Tailboard Talks discussing ways to be alert and mitigate typical and environment-specific hazards; these safety briefings are documented and signed off by all workers and visitors to the jobsite/. PPS maintains a company-wide safety program, with many specific safety initiatives focused on the high risk areas of the work day.

PPS Quality Control & Quality Assurance

PPS maintains a multi-layer approach to Quality: 1) Personal Accountability of each mechanic, 2) Project-level Quality Control performed by supervisory personnel, and 3) Company-level Quality Assurance.



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